Pure Fitness Innovations Supplies World Wide


Pure Fitness Innovations not only supplies equipment in the U.S but is an International supplier of commercial fitness equipment.  We communicate efficiently with our customers so the plan is clear between both parties so expectations can be met. We conduct International transactions over the phone and via email, with a positive success rate. We always welcome our foreign clients to visit our facilities and retail, to see the vast options of manufactures of equipment available to them.

Because International buyers are growing weary of East and West Coast suppliers our "Mid-Western" approach to business has been well received because equipment quality, customer satisfaction and long term relationship is the goal, and that is what we found international buyers are looking for.  

Additionally our customers appreciate the research that is done to ensure compliance is met so their product(s) arrives successfully

Packaging Compliance:

It’s critical to understand each regions packaging method requirements to meet specific criteria, as many countries do not allow wood or other packaging materials to be imported.  For individual equipment orders that require palletization all solid wood materials will be heat treated & fumigated  
Packaging "Best Practices"= Maximized Loads: 

For container shipments we take the appropriate measure to ensure the freight does not get damaged during transit and every square inch is accounted for

International Shipping Documentation Best Practices:

We ensure that we supply the necessary International shipping documentation including: Bills of Lading, Original Invoices, Original Packing Slips, Certificates of Origin, Packaging Declarations, and any other documentation specific to each different Port of entry

Large orders or small, Pure Fitness Innovations is poised to make your purchase and import simple, and cost effective